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Why work with Charlie?

Nearly everyone’s worked a soul-sucking job. You put your head down and do what you’re told. Keep your ideas to yourself and help your boss check items off their to-do-list. Charlie’s different.

We want to take your talents, knowledge and drive and put them to work where they count:

With an employer who wants to see your skills sparkle and shine.

Ready to do what you’re best at every day? With competitive wages and perks?

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Are you Charlie material?

We’ll keep it simple. Charlie staffs people with skills, smarts and drive.

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Events & Hospitality

  • Chefs

  • Waitstaff

  • Caterers

  • Temporary Event Staff

  • Bartenders

  • Music Booking

  • Entertainers

  • More




  • Executive assistants

  • Project managers

  • Office managers

  • Marketing specialists

  • More


  • Graphic designers

  • Web designers

  • Multimedia specialists

  • Social media managers

  • Photographers

  • More

We’ve been working with Alie Moya from Charlie exclusively for our staffing needs for over 2 years. What makes the experience so unique is that she is always sensible, understanding, helpful and attentive to the needs of our company. She listens to the criteria we look for and works to fill the needs properly the first time. Doing business together is easy and effortless. Working with Alie is a pleasure and we plan on continuing to work with Charlie Staffing for a very long time!
— Yana R.