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Charlie is an NYC-based staffing agency that connects employers to smart, creative employees. We serve both domestic and corporate employers, with a special focus on hospitality and event staffing.

We’re on a mission to make staffing less about finding employees who merely carry out tasks, and more about connecting you to amazing, talented individuals who will enrich your professional or personal life.

Prior to establishing Charlie Staffing, Founder Alie Moya gained a wealth of experience in both the staffing and hospitality industries.

Along with her team, Alie has delighted hundreds of New York families with her childcare staffing agency, Brooklyn Manny & Nanny.

Alie has also worked in the hospitality industry for nearly a decade, learning the ins and outs of bar and restaurant operations, staffing, event hosting and more.

After thrilling a handful of employers by connecting them to outstanding chefs, hospitality staff, creatives and assistants, Alie knew it was time to expand.

Now, Alie and her team continue to delight clients by connecting them to New York’s best specialized personnel. From personal chefs to executive assistants and beyond, Charlie Staffing is here to find you the very best the city has to offer.


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240 Kent Ave

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